President Address

Navjeevan was established out of personal need. A mentally challenged child, Saurabh, born in the family with no technical support available locally, instigated us to start a school with help from doctors and other professionals. I feel Saurabh is a God sent ‘Massiah’ because of whom we started this work and today we are able to extend help to 175 persons with disability.

In our journey of 31 years, we received great help from different sectors of the society. Some contributed financially while others offered their services. Our main goal is to rehabilitate our students. When we talk of rehabilitation, we don’t mean only economic rehabilitation. It includes their social rehabilitation too. No doubt the financial help received is indispensable, but we want social acceptance and work for our children.

Mr.Milind Kank, a local industrialist, had employed 9 of our students in his factory. (He also provided for their conveyance and supervision.) The change in their personality and confidence was remarkable.

We have achieved progress to our satisfaction so far. Yet, the goal of rehabilitation is not complete. It will be achieved in the true sense only when all parts of our community come forward and make possible economic and social rehabilitation of all persons with mental handicap.

You can help lots of people by donating little.