Residential Care Unit


  • To give the mentally challenged persons from villages around Aurangabad, an opportunity to be trained.
  • To give relief to aging parents of such persons.
  • To provide respite care in case of some domestic emergencie.
  • To conduct residential camps for children

Facilities Provided:

  • Balanced Diet on the advice of the Nutritionist.(4 meals a day)
  • Daily Exercise
  • Weekly visit of a Doctor
  • Regular services of barber
  • Free admission to Navjeevan Vocational Training Center or Care Group

Eligibility For Admission:

  • Adult men trained in self help skills
  • He should have his UDID card
  • Our doctor should consider him fit for admission

    Parents of children below 6 yrs of age who cannot be admitted to the school are given home training programs by our teachers and therapists. Same facility is extended to other children who find it difficult to come to school every day for different reasons.


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