Diffrent Therapies

Behaviour Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy (by respective therapists)


With aid from Amway Opportunity Foundation, Navjeevan has set up a full fledged physiotherapy centre wherein not only the in-house students but also outsiders are given physiotherapy.


An hour of singing different songs with actions, everyday, has shown miraculous results in the mentally challenged, encouraging the staff to resort to music therapy for teaching simple concepts like number skills, size concepts etc.


Many of the children face speech problems and need speech therapy. A speech therapist gives one to one therapy to the needful.Some children do not meet speech and language milestones. Speech therapy is recommended for children who have difficulty forming certain sounds, struggle with speech fluency such as stuttering or have difficulty expressing themselves through language. It helps with language delays and improves communication.


IQ Testing: The IQ of the child provides an important guideline in assessing the child and setting his Individual Training Program.

Parent Counselling: At different stages of the child’s growth the parents face new challenges which causes them anxiety, mental fatigue, frustration and depression. Counseling by the Clinical Psychologist helps them handle such situations.

Behavior Therapy: Patterns of learning and behavior set the pace for development and hence need to be set right at an early age. Behavioral problems acquired at a later age need to be addressed to as they harm the individual and the surroundings too. Behavior Therapy is hence an integral part of Rehabilitation.

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