About Intellectual Disability

Disability is painful and shocking. But many a times it gives us the strength to face life bravely. Intellectual Disability is a condition where the person has arrested or incomplete development of mind specially characterized by sub-normality of intelligence.

In simple words, it is a delay or slowness in the mental development of a person. It is a condition and not a disease.A person with this condition has less mental ability or intelligence than others of his age. Such persons have difficulty in learning, understanding, communicating with others and in adjusting their behaviour to the various situations in everyday life.

They can be taught to live and work independently. With early diagnosis, parental assistance and early educational programs, a majority of them can adjust socially, master simple academic and occupational skills and become self – supporting citizens. They can participate in family and community activities.It is a condition and not a disease

Process of Rehabilitation

When we talk of rehabilitation, we don’t mean only economic rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is a much broader term. It includes medical rehabilitation, social rehabilitation and vocational & economic rehabilitation.

When a child first comes to Navjeevan, the Clinical Psychologist and special educators assess him. His IQ is determined through clinical tests and he is assessed using various checklists. His case history is taken and if he is diagnosed to be mentally handicapped, he is admitted in the School or Vocational Training Center (VTC) depending on his age. In case of a children below 6yrs. of age, Home Training Programs are given. Medical Intervention, if necessary, is advised and they are referred to concerned professionals.

The teachers again evaluate his level on basis of different checklists and prepare his Individual Educational Plan (IEP) in consultation with the parents.

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